By the Grace of the Gods, Volume 10
By: Roy and Ranran; Character Design by Ririnra
cover art not final
volume synopsis:

Ryoma Takebayashi, a former office drone at an exploitative company, has been reincarnated into another world, where he uses his knowledge from his previous life to run a thriving laundry service!

While staving off obstacles to his business, Ryoma finalizes plans to open a second shop in a distant town. He is excited to venture out on his own again after a long stay in Gimul. The town of Lenaf awaits, with many new acquaintances!

release date: April 2, 2024
category: Manga
format: Trade Paperback
isbn: 9781646092581
trim size: 5 x 7-1/8
page count: 192
age rating: Teen
genres: Action / Adventure, Drama, Isekai, Light Novel Tie-In