By the Grace of the Gods, Volume 4
By: Roy and Ranran; Character Design by Ririnra
volume synopsis:
Reincarnated as a child in another world, middle-aged Japanese office worker Ryoma Takebayashi is living life to the fullest in the realm of Seilfall and testing his skills in unexpected ways. Now Ryoma's about to show off his business acumen by using alchemy and the knowledge from his past life?! As his slimy experiments in monster taming take a new turn and monster hunting quests from the Guild fill up his schedule, Ryoma isn't wasting a minute of his second chance at life!
release date: January 11, 2022
category: Manga
format: Trade Paperback
isbn: 9781646090884
trim size: 5" x 7-1/8"
page count: 208
age rating: Teen
genres: Action / Adventure, Drama, Isekai, Light Novel Tie-In