The Villainess's Guide to (Not) Falling in Love (Manga), Volume 3
By: Touya; Character Design by Yoimachi; Art by Ren Sakuma; Adapted by Shiori Shiono
The Villainess's Guide to (Not) Falling in Love (Manga), Volume 3
Volume Synopsis:

Reincarnated villainess Luciana finds herself under the influence of an enchantment spell! Accompanied by her brother Saphir, Luciana attends an exclusive soiree hosted by the Wisterias, a ducal clan and the kingdom's sole wielders of enchantment magic. Although she swore off romance with the game's various love interests in order to avoid certain doom, Luciana seems to have captivated the attention of the kingdom's most eligible bachelors!

The three beautiful Wisteria brothers are only too eager to offer to help Luciana in whatever way they can, and jealous Lakas, the son of a duke himself, can't help but question Luciana's connection with Louis. It's all a bit much for the once love-shy Luciana to handle!

release date:November 19, 2024
format:Trade Paperback
trim size:5 x 7 1/8
page count:192
genres:Romance, Comdey, Fantasy, Light-Novel Tie-in
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