A Man and His Cat Picture Book
By: Umi Sakurai
A Man and His Cat Picture Book
Volume Synopsis:

When the man and the cat found each other, they found their happily ever after too! They may not speak the same language, but the man and the cat speak through their hearts as they share a life together.

One evening, when the stars shine especially bright, there's a great shooting star in the sky, and the man and the cat wish on the star for happiness. But something isn't quite right!

And when the cat runs off into the woods, he discovers a strange space creature! Will they be a new furiend or foe?! And can this galactic being bestow happiness upon the man and the cat?!

release date:July 9, 2024
category:Picture Book
trim size:5-3/4 x 8-1/4
page count:64
genres:Comedy, Fantasy, Slice of Life
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