Otherside Picnic, Volume 10
By: Iori Miyazawa, Eita Mizuno, Shirakaba
Otherside Picnic, Volume 10
Volume Synopsis:

As Toriko and Sorawo face off against a bizarre entity in the form of what appears to be an old woman, this Kano Sannuki may be one of their trickiest challenges yet! Can Sorawo come up with a plan to disarm this strange foe?

Meanwhile, the specter of Satsuki Uruma continues to stalk the two girls! And when the name "Lunaurumi" begins to pop up online, it signals the start of the biggest threat they've ever had to face!

release date:July 9, 2024
format:Trade Paperback
trim size:5 x 7-1/8
page count:208
genres:Light Novel Tie-in, Media Tie-in, Mystery / Thriller, Romance, Science Fiction
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