Otherside Picnic, Volume 6
By: Iori Miyazawa, Eita Mizuno, Shirakaba
Otherside Picnic, Volume 6
Volume Synopsis:

With the American marines who were stranded in the Otherside at Kisaragi Station safely rescued, Sorawo and Toriko turn their focus to enjoying the summer together at an island resort on Okinawa. The sight of Toriko in a bikini has Sorawo sweating for reasons besides the hot temperatures!

But fun in the sun turns deadly and dangerous when they stumble into the resort's portal to the Otherside...

release date:August 22, 2023
format:Trade Paperback
trim size:5 x 7-1/8
page count:192
genres:Light Novel Tie-in, Media Tie-in, Mystery / Thriller, Romance, Science Fiction
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