NieR:Automata - YoRHa Boys
By: Jun Eishima
NieR:Automata - YoRHa Boys
Volume Synopsis:
FROM: Support System Model Delta Code 153

ANALYSIS: This volume contains a record of combat capabilities and operational behaviors of YoRHa Experimental M Squadron.

SUMMARY: YoRHa Experimental M Squadron is a unit composed of YoRHa male-type models, established for the purpose of collecting a full range of behavioral data on said models. Highly classified.

This volume contains data of the time period they were “alive.” Data on the status of the time period after they “lived” is contained in other NieR:Automata novel volumes.

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release date:October 27, 2020
format:Trade Paperback
trim size:5" x 7 1/2"
page count:304
genres:Action / Adventure, Drama, Game Tie-In, Science Fiction
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