Love in the Palm of His Hand
Love in the Palm of His Hand
BY: Rinteku
Age Rating:Older Teen
Genres:Yaoi / Boy's Love, Romance
Format:Trade Paperback

Through sign language and acting, two young men seeking their places in the world discover a connection that transcends the spoken word.

“To think that just what I’ve always wanted to hear would come from someone I just met.”

Fujinaga is a university student who dreams of becoming an actor so he can do what he loves best--conveying emotion and story through physical expression. But after failing multiple auditions, his hopes are dashed and his confidence crushed. When he meets Keito, a fellow student with congenital hearing loss, Fujinaga is suddenly introduced to the world of sign language. Although clumsy at first, Fujinaga quickly picks up signing and surprises Keito with his astonishing talent of expressing emotions through action.

Is it that only in a place beyond all verbal limitations can two people, both yearning to be understood, forge a bond they never expected?