The Otaku Love Connection, Volume 1
By: Chu Amairo
The Otaku Love Connection, Volume 1
Volume Synopsis:

Life has its simple joys, and for geeky fanboy Wataru Otonari, that’s admiring his gorgeous classmate Yuzuru Kakoi and her equally gorgeous boyfriend, Chihiro Kawai. Luckily for Wataru, his classroom seat next to Yuzuru gives him a perfect view of his OTP. But this self-professed NPC doesn't seem to know he's just as beautiful himself!

As Wataru encounters other students who stan his favs just as much as he does—although some have very, very different takes on their dynamic—every day turns into a rollercoaster of emotions for this obliviously beautiful boyfailure!

release date:February 11, 2025
format:Trade Paperback
trim size:5 x 7 1/8
genres:Comedy, Romance, School Life