My Clueless First Friend, Volume 8
By: Taku Kawamura
My Clueless First Friend, Volume 8
Volume Synopsis:

It's Field Day once again at Sonohenno Elementary School! The sixth-graders' families have come to spectate the event, where a heap of surprises await. No one can guess who will come in clutch, who will dance their heart out, and who will win the climactic footrace this year! Once the dust settles, the kids get ready for their next big activity: the annual field trip. Can Adachi and Inada group up their classmates in a way that will keep everyone happy?

release date:January 7, 2025
format:Trade Paperback (2-in-1 volumes omnibus)
trim size:5 x 7-1/8
page count:288
genres:Comedy, School Life, Slice of Life
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