Mobsters in Love, Volume 2
By: Chiyoko Origami
Mobsters in Love, Volume 2
Volume Synopsis:

A wholesome Boys Love rom-com between a handsome but oblivious mob boss and his young, simplehearted but moody second-in-command!

Mob captain Akihiro Kashima has been successfully hiding his feelings for his boss for years now. But Ritsu Hibiya, assistant captain, has figured out his secret! In order to keep Hibiya's lips sealed, Kashima agrees to be his servant, but then Hibiya pushes him down and kisses him...just when the boss walks in on them!

release date:September 3, 2024
format:Trade Paperback
trim size:5 x 7 1/8
page count:208
genres:BL/Yaoi, Comedy, Romance, Crime & Mystery
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