Just Like Mona Lisa, Volume 1
By: Tsumuji Yoshimura
Just Like Mona Lisa, Volume 1
Volume Synopsis:

Hinase falls into an identity crisis when their coming of age clashes with societal expectations in this unique teen drama!

In this world, people are born without a gender. Their bodies shift toward their desired gender when they reach twelve years old. Until Hinase's eighteenth spring, they lived content without a gender. But the bubbly girl Ritsu and thoughtful boy Shiori pull Hinase in opposite directions when they both confess their feelings on the same day! Romance was never on Hinase's mind, so how can they respond? Hinase may be forced to choose a new identity as they arrive at the cusp of adulthood. Who will they choose, and who will they become?

release date:July 16, 2024
format:Trade Paperback
trim size:5-3/4 x 8-1/4
page count:192
genres:Romance, School Life, LGBTQIA+
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