Mr. Villain's Day Off, Volume 2
By: Yuu Morikawa
Mr. Villain's Day Off, Volume 2
Volume Synopsis:

A life of evildoing takes its toll on the heart! And when the devilish General of the organization plotting to take over the Earth needs to soothe his woes, he turns to the fluffy cuteness of pandas at the zoo. He's turned treating himself into an art! After all, even the smallest of self-care methods can go a long way in soothing the soul of a stressed supervillain. Work may be important, but his days off are even more precious to him! But what happens now that his arch-nemesis, a hero and force of good, is in on the secret?

release date:November 14, 2023
format:Trade Paperback
trim size:5-3/4" x 8-1/4"
page count:128
genres:Comedy, Fantasy, Slice of Life
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