Daemons of the Shadow Realm, Volume 2
By: Hiromu Arakawa
volume synopsis:

Hiromu Arakawa, award-winning manga creator of the best-selling smash hit Fullmetal Alchemist, draws readers into an intricate new web of magic, intrigue, and life-or-death stakes!

The bizarre and mysterious clash as a Daemon-on-Daemon battle ensues!

Yuru’s serene and simple mountain life is turned upside-down by a surprise attack on his village by a young woman claiming to be none other than his actual twin sister Asa. And it’s only with the help of the Daemons the Divine Left and Right—powerful supernatural guardians he can now command—as well as two of the village’s loyal liaisons, that Yuru manages to escape to the world down the mountain. But while his new allies aim to hide Yuru among the modern world’s masses, the headstrong teen has other ideas. In search of answers, he slips away in the dark of night only to land smack in a trap set by Asa’s coconspirators, the Kagemori clan!

release date: September 12, 2023
category: Manga
format: Trade Paperback
isbn: 9781646092222
trim size: 5 x 7-1/8
page count: 176
age rating: Older Teen
genres: Action / Adventure, Fantasy, Supernatural
Trade Paperback