Tokyo Aliens, Volume 5
Tokyo Aliens, Volume 5
Volume Synopsis:

Our intrepid hero-in-training, Akira Gunji, and his somewhat terrifying boss, Reiji Amamiya, drop in on a black market auction that trucks in illegal trade of extraterrestrial creatures. But after Akira suffers a lethal attack by one of the aliens, Amamiya inscrutably leaves him for dead! Surely the calculating AMO head has some plan in mind...but what it may be falls to the wayside when Amamiya catches a glimpse of what's inside the creature. Whatever it is succeeds in igniting his fury and triggering painful memories...

At long last, the spotlight of truth falls on the mysterious past that Amamiya and Akira's father share!

release date:November 14, 2023
format:Trade Paperback
trim size:5 x 7-1/8
page count:176
genres:Action / Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery / Thriller, Science Fiction
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