The Strongest Sage with the Weakest Crest, Volume 13
By: Shinkoshoto, Liver Jam & POPO (Friendly Land), Huuka Kazabana
The Strongest Sage with the Weakest Crest, Volume 13
Volume Synopsis:

Is former Strongest Sage Matthias's fight to protect mankind finally over...or is it just beginning?!

Once the world's most powerful sage, reborn Matthias has gained the optimal crest for magical combat many thousands of years in the future. But with magical knowledge at an all-time low in this new era, no one recognizes Matthias's crest for what it is.

It turns out that the demon tribe is responsible for spreading misinformation about crests and causing an overall decline in humanity's magic capabilities, leading to Matthias's battle against the demons who seek to destroy humanity!

His latest foe is the demon Zaridias, who has concocted all manner of schemes and thrown one flunky demon after another at the party. Matthias declares that he and his team can't measure up to such an overwhelmingly powerful foe at their current strength, but who will be left standing at the end of the fierce battle?!

release date:July 18, 2023
format:Trade Paperback
trim size:5" x 7 1/8"
page count:192
genres:Action / Adventure, Isekai, Light Novel Tie-In
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