Wandering Witch, Volume 3
By: Jougi Shiraishi and Itsuki Nanao; Designed by Azuru
Wandering Witch, Volume 3
Volume Synopsis:

The wandering witch Elaina sets out on the road again to seek new places and meet new people. After encountering a princess who has fled from an unwanted marriage, as well as the prince and the knight who are pursuing her, Elaina comes across a young, orphaned beast-girl living with her sister. Later, Elaina finds herself in a land where objects have a will of their own, and there she reunites with the apprentice witch Saya.

release date:November 16, 2021
format:Trade Paperback
trim size:5 x 7-1/8
page count:178
genres:Comedy, Fantasy, Light Novel Tie-in, Slice of Life
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